Our Story

Meet Kelly and Luke, Peta and Matt…

We are two Australian couples with five sons between us with a passion for plant-based nutrition! Together, we have created the greenback plant protein range.

Greenback plant-based bars and powders are a clean complete protein. They are also high in protein & fibre with the benefits of being gluten, dairy and preservative free.

Our Mission:

To help people on their plant-based journey by creating the best tasting products on the market.

Our Favourites...


Hazelnut. I think the best tasting product of the market & my absolute favourite. Enjoyed every day after my morning run!


Choc Mint. Decadence of a mint slice biscuit and packed with protein and fibre. My afternoon crave!


Peanut Butter. I throw one of these in a blender with some Greenback protein powder post workout. The BEST!


Salted Caramel. love this cut up into chunks and added to plain coconut ice cream. Sooo good!

The silverback is the strongest animal on the planet and plant-based! Going green is a must to secure our planets future! We are Greenback!