Jacinta Radziejewski - Greenback's Clinical Nutritionist

Jacinta Radziejewski - Greenback's Clinical Nutritionist

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Natural, plant-based, gluten and dairy-free...can't believe it? Then hear it from Jacinta Radziejewski, our Greenback Nutritionist. 

After graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine, Jacinta pursued her passion to educate and encourage people to love food and its positive health abilities. Utilising her expertise in patient nutrition consulting, Jacinta focuses on issues relating to the gut, hormones, and mental health. Jacinta has now broadened her scope to work with health food and wellness businesses to spread the word that what we put in our bodies can positively change our lives! We just need to be informed about making the right choices.

We are excited to welcome Jacinta to our team to inform Greenback customers about the nutritional values our products offer and how you can make active changes for a healthier lifestyle.

Jacinta is collaborating with us to bring you the latest in health and wellness information. You can get in touch via info@wearegreenback.com or flick us a DM on Instagram @wearegreenback to ask Jacinta questions you have about living a healthy life.

Jacinta will be posting content to educate via our website blog and Instagram, sharing health-focused recipes, raising awareness on beneficial ingredients and hosting live Q&As. So, keep your eyes peeled!

Stay Informed with our In-House Nutritionist, Jacinta Radziejewski

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