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Meet Kelly and Luke, Peta and Matt…


That’s us! We are greenback! Being real and nothing artificial is our thing. Here's a little about us so you know who is behind your new favourite snack bar…

We are two Australian couples with five sons between us and a passion to make sure every product we put on shelves is a product we are proud of. Luke and Matt have worked in sales for over twenty-years and Kelly and Peta are both teachers. Together, we have created the greenback protein bar – a delicious and nutritious snack that eliminates the quick ‘reach for junk’ option when you feel hungry. Partnering with a nutritionist and R&D team and after much trial, debate and taste testing… we finally felt we had successfully fulfilled our strict greenback criteria: A clean complete protein source which is plant-based, nutritious, gluten free, dairy free and preservative free. What sets us apart from what is already on the market? Well, greenback tastes AHHHmazing, so there is no need for ordinary – not anymore! This is our point of difference!

Our Vision: To provide on-the-go, better-for-you options with a taste you will go back for! (Too bold to say worldwide? Nah! Why not?!)

Our Mission: We want our greenback name to be synonymous with impeccable taste, health, nutrition and quality! (We are a team on a mission, and we have so much more to offer - Sssh... all in the pipeline!)

Our Values: Trust, transparency and true to our passion – we will deliver delicious and nutritious, every time!

Why greenback?

Our muse for our brand was the silverback gorilla… but going green is more the way of the future we felt 😉! The silverback gorilla is one of the strongest animals in the world and he is herbivorous. Yep, plant-based! A gorilla’s strength, whether male or female is formidable and to us this was inspiring and motivating. Gorillas certainly don’t need meat or dairy to meet their protein needs and neither do we. A plant-based diet is associated with an absolute bevy of health and environmental benefits. So going green just makes sense to us! We are greenback and we want to make a difference!

Interesting fact: gorillas are known to hum or sing when encountering food they really like. We are confident you’ll do the same when you eat our greenback bars!


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