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There is an undeniable awakening to the benefits of a plant-based diet, whether it be for supporting your immune system, weight loss, heart health, lowering the risk of diabetes and cancer or protecting the environment. You may already be an abiding vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or simply someone who is curious about what it could mean to your family’s health to make more plant-based choices. Wherever you are on your plant-based journey, greenback simply promotes replacing some less-healthy foods with plant-based options. Having healthy, nutritious and tasty snack options available, right there next to those processed, dairy or collagen-based snacking bars (grrrr!), is crucial to making the switch easy and long-lasting.

We vow to keep our products plantritious and delicious – because we believe in the power of both!

The benefits of plant-based nutrition are endless – The Research

Plant-based nutrition is undeniably on the rise. Education and a better understanding of nutrition is changing the way consumers think of traditional foods, leading consumers to seek the benefits of embracing a plant-based lifestyle. Individuals' needs are changing rapidly, lead by a shift toward alternate, clean protein sources. The traditional dominance of whey and collagen protein is now challenged by the surging interest and demand for plant-based nutrition. In addition to sourcing plant-based options for optimal health, 2 in 3 Australians* are reported as having a dairy intolerance. *Source: Canstar Blue

The Individual

"A plant-based diet is the only diet ever scientifically proven to reverse Heart Disease, the number 1 killer in the western world. It’s also effective in preventing and arresting other leading killers like Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Stroke and Alzheimer's. The higher the animal protein from dairy sources, the greater the risk of prostate cancer. “              

Source: Dr Michael Gregor - and Author of ‘How Not To Die’ - (2015)

The Environment

Switching to a diet based on whole grains, fruits and vegetables also has significant positive benefits for the environment. A plant-based diet reduces water and land use driven by cattle, lowers pollution, slows deforestation and reduces destruction of topsoil. In fact, researchers from the University of Oxford have found that a vegan diet reduces an individuals carbon footprint by 73%. A vegan diet is the single biggest measure that can be taken to reduce environmental pollution. 


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