Anna Davey

Anna Davey

Chloe Logarzo Reading Anna Davey 2 minutes

Anna Davey is both brains and brawn. She’s fit, she’s skilled and she’s strong. Anna gave up her day job as a lawyer to follow her passion for professional rock climbing. A former Ninja Warrior semi-finalist, her schedule is full. Anna has a busy social media presence; she is a climbing coach and personal trainer with clients all over the world and she fits in her own training to support her bouldering dreams. Bouldering is a form of rock climbing with no ropes or safety gear. It’s a sport that allows a climber to test their body to the absolute limit – to push their strength power and technique. Anna reflects, “there’s no other sport in the world in which you’re hanging off, sometimes one finger, and have to be able to put your leg up at your head, or often be able to do one-arm pull-ups. It’s just a little bit crazy… you really have to see it to believe it.”

Her achievements are extensive representing her sport at home and on the international stage:

⦁ No 1 Overall Boulderer in Australia 2018
WA State Champion in Lead and Bouldering 2017/2018
⦁ 1st Place NSW State Titles 2018
⦁ 1st Place Boulderfest 2018
⦁ 1st Place SA State Titles 2018
⦁ 1st Place West Coast Blocks 2019
⦁ 2nd Place WA State Titles Boulder 2019
⦁ 3rd Place WA State Titles Lead 2019
⦁ 50th Rank in the World 2019.

Anna’s accomplishments show us what’s possible. She reminds us, “Always believe in yourself. I started climbing at the age of 25 and I remember a year in, I said I’ll climb for Australia one day and people laughed at me. 3 years later I made that happen. I never gave up.

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