Innovation at its best: Plant-based Protein Water!

Innovation at its best: Plant-based Protein Water!

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What is this macronutrient protein all about?

Protein is formed when a cluster of molecules science calls ‘amino acids’ bind together creating a long chain (1). When a protein is broken down via a process called hydrolysis, you are left with its individual amino acids. Further hydrolysis creates peptides that are dissolvable in water and are an ideal form of protein for your body to absorb. Therefore, Greenback’s Plant-based Protein water is undeniably an innovative product for protein consumption!

What are these so-called amino acids?

There are hundreds of amino acids found in nature, however, your body is comprised of 20 specific amino acids. The body is an incredible machine that can create amino acids independently. Of the 20, there are 9 amino acids your body cannot create on its own. Luckily, nature has provided food that possesses these 9 essential amino acids for you to consume. Namely, they are Valine, Phenylalanine, Tryptophan, Threonine, Methionine, Isoleucine, Histidine, Leucine and Lysine. You may have heard these amino acids used by fitness instructors and health experts; however, without understanding why they are important, why would you want to incorporate them into your diet?

Consuming these 9 essential amino acids will ensure the formation of your skin, organs, muscles and hormones to name a few. Interestingly, a study in 1957 found that when individual amino acids were removed from the participants’ diets, their bodies profoundly lacked growth and health balance (1).

It is also imperative to understand the concept of a complete protein. This is a food source that contains all 9 amino acids. Currently, research is predominantly linked to animal-based sources, however, emerging research states that plant-based foods are exceptional sources of complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids. These are amaranth, quinoa, soy, and, you guessed it, pea! (2). This valuable amino acid profile is one reason Greenback favoured pea protein for its innovative plant-based protein water. 

So why did Greenback select pea protein?

Greenback’s products have not been created overnight. The extensive research carried out by Greenback to produce nutritionally comprehensive products is imperative to their values. Pea as a food source was chosen as it is functionally a complete protein, highly absorbable in your body, gluten-free with limited allergens, sustainable for our earth, and, unlike other proteins, is soluble in water (2). This pea protein is hydrolysed into amino acids and further into peptides, as smaller molecules are highly absorbable in your body, allowing increased digestion for usage by every part of your body (3).

What are the positive effects protein has on your body?

Protein has many functions in the body, and we would need hours on end to go through all of them. So, let’s speak about the effects that will be noticeable. As we have seen protein consumption has increased tenfold over the years and is mostly linked to building muscle for gymgoers. I am here to say this is not the limit of protein’s positive effects.  Would you like glowing skin, a healthy immune system, balanced hormones and great digestion? This is where pea protein becomes your greatest asset. It is important to grasp protein is vital for you to thrive! For example, consuming pea protein (hydrolysed in protein water) helps to improve your gut lining by creating junctions to keep these cells together. This ensures the foods you eat do not squeeze through any cracks into the blood, which can cause allergies, food intolerance and disease. Protein will also work with your good gut bugs to create enzymes that help to digest food into nutrients for your body to absorb. These nutrients positively affect skin cells, bettering their integrity and increasing your skin health! This can mean fewer allergies and rashes and help to slow skin aging (4).

Pea protein’s excellent amino acid profile is not its only superpower!

The high nutritional value of the simple pea ranges from a high fibre content to vitamins and minerals (2). I witness as a Nutritionist that fibre is a large component lacking in many people’s daily diet. The more plant-based sources you eat, the more fibre you will consume. Fibre is vital for moving food through the gut to avoid stagnation. This build-up can cause toxins in the body, increasing inflammation, which ultimately can lead to disease and illness. Fibre will help create a healthy environment in your gut, enabling good gut bugs to flourish and outnumber the bad gut bugs. This is very important because a healthy gut can mean better digestion, a healthy weight, a better immune system (70% of your immune system is created here) and better mental health.

Speaking of better mental health, you may have heard of the gut-brain connection. This means your gut and brain are connected by nerves that send messages to each other. Therefore, if your gut is happy and healthy so will your mindset (5). Considering that vitamins and minerals are a smaller part to mention, they are vital in their own right. You can find an abundance of B vitamins for energy, magnesium to calm the nervous system and calcium for bone health (2). 

Are you getting enough protein each day?

Of course, food sources are a vital way to consume protein daily. However, when you realistically look at life and how busy you can be trying to create balance, supplemental food sources are exemplary!

Firstly, understanding how much you need as an adult is important.

  • For Men, it is 64g or 0.84 x body weight (Kg) a day,
  • For Women, it is 46g or 0.74g x body weight (Kg) a day (6).

You will need to note there are many factors to consider with this equation and this is only a guide. So, when we are speaking of supplemental food, Greenback’s Plant-based Protein Water will provide 15g of protein in one serving, which for an adult woman means they have consumed 32% of their daily needs met with one drink. 

What to take away from this post?

Amino acids are the molecules that combine, creating a long chain to form protein. There are 9 essential amino acids that need to be consumed by eating a well-balanced diet consisting of plant-based protein sources of quinoa, amaranth, soy and pea.

  • Amino acids can be hydrolysed into peptides, as seen in Greenbacks Plant-based Protein Water, which is a highly digestible version of protein your body will absorb optimally - Which is what your body wants!
  • Pea protein is a great source of bioavailable protein however, it importantly contains fibre and nutrients for your body to thrive.
  • Protein is not just for muscle building, so don't let this cloud your judgment about protein. Protein will encourage a healthy gut, increase your immune system and help your skin glow!
  • Do the math and ensure you are getting enough protein every day!

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Innovation at its best: Plant-based Protein Water!

Innovation at its best: Plant-based Protein Water!

What is this macronutrient protein all about? Protein is formed when a cluster of molecules science calls ‘amino acids’ bind together creating a long chain (1). When a protein is broken down via a ...

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